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We are committed to social services and welfare for the society through Information Technology and communication. We will try our best to create awareness among people about environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, Indian rivers, childcare, women care, new education technology, agricultural technology, health care, wildlife care, consumers care, renewable energy, religion, Senior Citizens, social welfare news, all about Rajasthan, Churu district, Indian Economy and Market, etc.

Technology and the environment might sound like strange bedfellows. Those hi-tech devices that make our lives easier require raw materials and energy to make, and electricity to use.

Cycling is obviously an environmentally friendly way to get around, but for those of us not quite as young as we once were, the prospect of cycling as a means of transport can seem a little daunting. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on our legs for all the power these days: There is a whole new generation of highly efficient electric bicycles. Some of these provide assistance to our pedaling effort, making uphill cycling as easy as cycling on the flat, while others let the electric motor do all of the work! Even if we opt for the lazy option, it’s still a lot more environmentally friendly than dragging two tons of car around for shorter journeys.

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