Mount Agung

Latest Updates of Mount Agung Erupts in Bali

7.18am: Bali residents warned of lahar threat

Balinese locals in the areas surrounding Mount Agung have been told to stay away from rivers as lahars have started ploughing down the mountain.  Lahars – sometimes known as cold lava flows – are powerful mudflows compromised of rocks, volcanic debris, vegetation and even parts of buildings.

Lahars were seen flowing down the Yeh Sah River in Karangasem, according to Coconuts Bali and farmland in the area has already reportedly been damaged by the mud. Smoke is still pouring out of the Bali volcano

5.15am: Bali ‘danger zone’ extended by authorities as 100,000 resident urged to evacuated.

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency said 40,000 people had been evacuated from near Bali’s erupting Mount Agung volcano, but tens of thousands still needed to move with an imminent large eruption warning issued on Monday.

Sutopo, a spokesman for the agency said that 40,000 people had evacuated out of around 90,000-100,000 residents estimated in the 8-10 km (5-6 miles) exclusion zone around Agung.



4.45am: Bali airport closure could last more than 24 hours

Bali governor says airport closure could extend beyond 24 hours amid Mount Agung volcanic eruption. So far the closure has disrupted 445 flights and about 59,000 passengers as flight have been cancelled by major airlines.


3am: Mount Agung is spewing plumes of smoke – “potential for larger eruption is imminent”

Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said: “Plumes of smoke are occasionally accompanied by explosive eruptions and the sound of weak blasts that can be heard up to 12 km (7 miles) from the peak. “The potential for a larger eruption is imminent.”



12.30am: Bali airport closed and another airline cancels all flights to and from the holiday hotspot

Bali airport has been closed and another major airline has announced it has cancelled flights to the popular tourist spot. Qantas’ budget airline Jetstar announced all flights to and from Bali on Monday had been cancelled. Jetstar in a statement said: “Flying conditions in Bali have worsened this morning due to the ash cloud from the Mount Agung volcano.

“As a result, all our flights in and out of Bali for Monday, 27 November have been cancelled.” The airline added that customers on cancelled flights would be contacted and advised how to re-book.



12.05am: Indonesia raises alert to highest level 4

Indonesia’s disaster management agency said it has raised the alert to the highest possible level 4 on Bali’s Mount Agung Volcano. The agency said: ”Grey ash and occasional weak blasts can be heard 12 km (seven miles) from the peak. Flames were visible at night which indicates a potential eruption could happen anytime.

“In anticipation of the possibility and imminent risk of disaster, PVMBG (the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Centre) raised Mount Agung alert level from three to four starting from 6 a.m. local time.”


Sunday November 26

10.40pm: ‘Magmatic eruption’

Officials have said the current activity of Mount Agung could a “magmatic eruption” ne which involves the decompression of gas and results in the spewing of ash — and advised people near the mountain to wear masks.



9.50pm: Mount Agung is reportedly still “spewing out smoke,” according to an eye-witness report.

One holidaymaker on the island wrote on Twitter: “Dawn is breaking over #MountAgung in #Bali.  I’ve been coughing all night from the #VolcanicAsh I’ve inhailled. The #volcano is still spewing out smoke.”



8pm: More flights cancelled

Authorities at Ngurah Rai International Airport said that 45 flights were canceled Sunday by Cathay Pacific Airways, Jetstar, AirAsia and Garuda Indonesia, affecting more than 5,500 passengers. On Saturday, 14 flights were canceled, affecting some 2,350 passengers.


5.41pm: Fears grow over serious eruption

Fears grow there could be a serious volcanic eruption on Bali. Disaster officials said ash up to half a centimetre thick settled on villages around the volcano and soldiers and police had distributed masks. Authorities warned anyone still in the exclusion zone around the volcano, which extends 7.5 kilometers from the crater in places, to leave.



5.30pm Jon Rogers taking over reporting

Air Asia is the latest airline to cancel all flights to Bali as Mount Agong volcano continues to spew out volcanic ash.



1.52pm: Ash cloud drifts over Lombok

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VACC) in Darwin issued maps showing an ash cloud heading southeast over the neighbouring island of Lombok, away from Bali’s capital, Denpasar, where the main international airport is located.


1.48pm: Lombok island’s airport remains closed

Ash clouds have forced the closure of Lombok island’s airport until at least 6am local time on Monday.



1.30pm: Ash column soars 3,000m into the sky

BNPB Indonesia said the ash column is stretching 3,000m into the sky and leaning east-east from the summit.



12.30pm: Red smoke and lava coming out of crater 

Fiery red smoke was pictured pouring out of Bali volcano at 11pm local time on Friday. BNBP spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho shared the image and said that lava was now coming out of the crater of Mount Agung.  He added: “Since last night the type of eruption is magmatic that continues until now.”



12.20pm: Passengers left waiting at Bali airport

From an airport in Bali, student Chelsea Van de Ven said that many stranded travellers cannot afford new accomodation or flights.  “So they just have to wait it out and see what airlines can do for them,” she told Sky News.

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